Over the Edge: Forgotten Lives - Six Over the Edge Scenarios

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Some secrets are worth dying for.

Some have a blood price already paid many times. Everyone has a secret in the Edge, even those whose lives are long forgotten.

The six adventures of Forgotten Lives each illuminates another dark corner of Al Amarja, from the island's fascist rulers of the 1930s to the near-mythical past of Dr. Nusbaum.

  • Misplaced Childhood by Scott McDaniel
  • The Furchtegott File by Greg Stolze
  • In the SACQ by Jeff Tidball
  • The Jackboot Stomp by Chris Pramas
  • Party Crashers by John Baichtal
  • Dreaming on the Verge of Strife by Keith Baker

Written by Greg Stolze / Keith Baker / Jeff Tidball / John W. Baichtal / Scott McDaniel / Chris Pramas