Over the Edge: Airwaves

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Airwaves at a Glance

• Play up the surreal side of Al Amarja with this alien mind control scenario for Over the Edge first edition.

• This short scenario makes running the game easy, with clearly organized summaries, maps, and GMCs.

• Provides plenty of suggestions on how to continue the fun, including plot ideas and how to connect this scenario with other adventure products.

More about Airwaves

Rip your next game plot straight from the most atrocious magazine headlines with this scenario for Over the Edge first edition. In this gonzo tale, a woman claims that aliens are controlling her husband through the television...and she just might be right. On Al Amarja, anything is possible.

Airwaves is an open-ended scenario that could be used to generate your own campaign ideas using the prompts provided within. Alternately, the events within could lead to another Over the Edge adventure resource, saving you from having to plot for another week or two.

Airwaves is out of print. It requires Over the Edge first edition to play.