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Get your motor runnin'

Outrider is a game of post-apocalyptic vehicular combat that utilizes a unique blend of dice and card mechanics that create a fast-playing, highly detailed, and customizable player experience.

Outrider is a 2D print-and-play game designed to quickly turn your pre-apocalyptic kitchen table into a post-apocalyptic warzone. Outrider features easy-to-construct components and is designed to fit standard-sized card sleeves and collectible card tuckboxes. All you need to add is a set of four (4) gaming dice (d6, d8, d10, d12) to hit the road runnin' and gunnin'. Outrider can also be used as the basis for a fully 3D miniatures game by adding 3D terrain and using the largest ready-made range of the most inexpensive miniatures around: 1/64th scale die cast cars!

Fast and Furious

Teachable in ten minutes, the focus of Outrider is to keep things fast and furious. Most games are playable in a hour. Even with six to eight players, the rounds are quick. The movement mechanics are designed to feel more like driving and less like high school geometry.

Players select their vehicles from a set of templates that represent a wide variety of vehicles ā€“ each with its own unique characteristics. Players then use dice to customize (and arm) the vehicles. The dice represent the powerplant, weapons, armor, and even the driver of the vehicle. Players form Outriding crews to fit the mission, allowing the players to be flexible in their vehicle (and equipment) selections. Some vehicles may be better suited for certain roles but it's always handy to have someone riding shotgun.

Get Behind the Wheel.

Play is centered around a maneuver deck that allows the players to 'program' their action for a turn. Programmable actions include both movement AND attacks ā€“ but players need to be careful: Their drivers may not be able to handle EVERYTHING demanded of them, resulting in a possible loss of control.

But that's not all . . .

The Outrider jumpstart bundle includes three expansions, in addition to the base game, allowing players to scale the level of detail.


The Tejas Speed Shop TunerDeck includes 32 equipment upgrade cards, extended range cards, new tracking tokens, and a 13-page rulebook outlining the rules governing the expanded performance equipment. The Tuner Cards deck gives you more ways to customize your ride.


The (Not So) Passive Aggression Weapons Deck includes 20 equipment upgrade cards, a multitude of new weaponized maneuver cards, extended range cards, area effect templates, new tracking tokens, and a 17-page rulebook outlining the rules governing the expanded equipment. The Weapons Deck gives you more ways to outgun the competition.


The Dealin' Damage Deck adds a new level of detail to Outrider's damage track. Instead of just losing Armor Points, players can lose something crucial with each hit suffered. Tires blowout, engines sputter and stall, weapons jam, and your armor could shear off ā€“ taking parts of your car with it! Even the vehicle's driver isn't safe: one bullet could injure or outright kill the driver.

So fire up the engine, jam it into gear, and keep your finger close to the trigger . . .

Written by Gregg Lewis-Qualls