One Roll Quest

Steve Jackson Games SKU: SJG131350


One 25mm hollow die with five 5mm transparent spot dice inside, drawstring bag, six cards

Players: 2-5 players
Play Time: 5 minutes


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A Whole Adventure In One Die Roll!

Choose your character. Roll the special die . . . ONCE. That's all it takes to have a quick adventure with ORQ.
You might find treasure. You might find fame. You might die.
Play it anywhere! Then make up a lot of lies about what happened along the way!

This is a great game to play BEFORE the game you play before you start the real game.

And add One Roll Chronicles for storytelling prompts, making it easier for everyone to keep the action moving toward an epic conclusion!

Game Design by Steve Jackson (who should know better).
Art by Len Peralta (who DOES know better but doesn't care).