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A collection of new Ogre articles and art, Ogrezine has 16 fan-submitted articles, exploring the game of Ogre in its many forms. There are scenarios, fiction, historical essays, variants, and new artwork to enjoy. Want to know what happens after an Ogre has decimated your force? Find out in Karl K. Gallagher's "Clean Up." Curious as to the role a wired city might play in your game? Daniel Oney examines this in "Going Downtown: Smart Cities in the Last War." These and 14 other articles await your reading pleasure in Ogrezine!

Written by Drew Metzger / Peter Willington / Karl K. Gallagher / Jeremy Filko / Steve Jackson / Daniel Oney / Brett Drake / Martin Gallo / Alvin Helms / Joshua Megerman / Daniel Jew / Mathieu Moyen / Herb Diehr / Winchell Chung