Ogre Miniatures Set 3: Ogre Mark VI and Doppelsoldner

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Two unpainted, unassembled plastic miniatures on sprues: One Doppelsoldner and one Ogre Mark VI, the hugest cybertanks!

These minatures come polybagged.


*One note, though. It'll take some crafty tweaking to make the treads on these fit correctly. They came from the factory with four rear treads instead of two/two. But there are work-arounds, and when we launch Ogre Miniatures 4 (at a later date), the replacement treads will be included in the set.

Here's some history! The Doppelsoldner was the Paneuropeans' last and biggest cybertank. About the same length as the Ogre Mark VI, it was even more massive. Doppelsoldners were also more plentiful than the Mark VI, but never truly common. The Doppelsoldner represented a fusion of the Fencer design with Ogre concepts; in particular, the Fencer's lack of any "main" batteries was seen as a weakness and remedied in the new unit. The seemingly baroque design was intended to bounce shells away and to minimize the chance of collateral damage when one weapon was taken out. Overall, the "Dopp" can dish out damage faster than the Mark VI, but the Mark VI can take considerably more punishment.

The Mark VI was designed to be a terror to all who encountered it – infantry, armor, and even other cybertanks. It was never produced in large numbers, and the designers suspected that they had reached the point of diminishing returns in terms of the optimum number of weapons to load onto any one platform. Nevertheless, it performed admirably whenever it was involved in a battle.