Nyambe: Dire Spirits

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The Jungle Is Awake

The fearsome bounty hunter KanUk – a kosan orc from the Mythical Ages of Nyambe-tanda – was long ago bound into the body of an undead dire lion. His savagery knew no bounds among the helpless slaves of his land until he was defeated in the Great Rebellion, and his spirit was shunted into his own still-beating undead heart. This heart has rested undisturbed in a foul shrine for thousands of years, protected by the magical wards erected by the kosans before they fled. But not even kosan magic is eternal, and just over a month ago, the wards collapsed, exposing the shrine to the outside world.

When this malignant heart begins to assemble animal slaves intent on locating a new body for their evil master, a group of brave warriors must find and destroy it before it orchestrates KanUk's rebirth, and all of Nyambe-tanda falls beneath his claws!

Dire Spirits is a d20 System adventure for 1st-level characters. It provides an introduction to the Nyambe: African Adventures campaign setting, though it can also be used as a stand-alone scenario. It is recommended, but not necessary, that players own the Nyambe hardcover sourcebook.

This 48-page module includes:

  • A map and description of the village of Mounchili, a typical community in the Empire of Mabwe, that can become the PCs' base in a larger campaign.
  • Maps and descriptions of the ancient temple that contains KanUk's still-beating heart.
  • Pre-generated PCs and stats for agogwe halfling warriors, wakyambi elf adepts, and Nghoi human commoners, to start any GM off right in an African Adventures setting.
  • New d20 material like the howling fern monstrous plant, rules for monkey traps and trip line and spikes traps, the wondrous linguist's staff, and the magical disease called wound rot.

An introductory adventure for four 1st level characters.

Requires the use of the Dungeons & Dragons Player's Handbook.

Written by Chris Dolunt