Northern Crown: New World Adventures

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What if Cotton Mather's paranoid fantasies about the Salem witches were all true?

What if Paul Bunyan really was 10 feet tall and could fell a tree in one stroke?

What if Ben Franklin was a natural philosopher whose inventions blurred the border between science and magic?

Brawl with Mike Fink or swing an axe with Paul Bunyan. Brave the dangers of sweltering southern swamps in pursuit of the Fountain of Youth. Prowl the misty streets of Boston on the trail of hell-spawned fiends as a royal agent in service to your monarch. Take flight with a coven of witches, who wrest their arcane powers from fiendish imps at the risk of losing their souls, or side with the Puritan firebrands who struggle against them…

Northern Crown is a d20 System world set in North America's legendary past, in an age of frontier adventure, political intrigue, and supernatural horror. Inspired by history and infused with myth, it is a place where heroes fight for freedom, chart a vast wilderness, and battle unknown evils.

Visit Northern Crown with the New World Adventures campaign book, which details classes, combat techniques, equipment, spells, psionic knacks, and invention creation rules that will get players started. Then look for Northern Crown: Gazetteer and Nyambe: African Adventures to expand the horizons of your game world even further!

Written by Douglas Anderson

Requires the use of the Dungeons & Dragons Player's Handbook.