Nexus #8

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Silence. I remember the silence the most. 

— Dennis R. Ricketts, "Patrol."

It is 1984 and Nexus #8 has just been released. This issue has "History of the Second World War" which is background for a game of the same name and Starfire with a history of their Orions. Of course there is a section on the Star Fleet Universe, too. In that section you will find "Patrol" by Dennis R. Ricketts, an article on names of Federation ships, some scenarios, term papers, and the Academy. These appear along with a Q&A with Steve Cole. There was also the inevitable (at the time) collection of errata.

Starfire has a good number of articles. There is one on the Khanate of Orion, one on Khanate Military Service, and one on incidents from the first interstellar war. There is also an interesting pair of articles examining balanced design.

For the historical gamer there is the aforementioned background on the forthcoming game History of the Second World War and a timeline of events in the Russian campaigns. There is also a scenario for Battlewagon ("The Last Sortie of the Yamato," released in PDF as "Battlewagon Article #3"). There are reviews of the computer games Computer Football Strategy, Telengard, Cyborg, and The Pharaoh's Curse.

This PDF is provided by Amarillo Design Bureau, Inc. with the kind permission of Allen D. Eldridge. It includes ads and offers from 1984; these are no longer valid.

Written by Stephen Cole / Allen Eldridge