Nexus #7

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However, not counting playtest sessions, I can count on both hands the number of times I have played an adventure game with an opponent. The point of this is that I am not alone! 

— Allen D. Eldridge

It is 1984 and Nexus #7 has just been released. It focuses this time on solitaire gaming. Of course there is a section on the Star Fleet Universe, too. In that section you will find a solitaire scenario with Igneous, a robot battle station. (A miniature of Igneous is available in our shop on Shapeways.) The first Term Papers appear along with a Q&A with Steve Cole. There was also the inevitable (at the time) collection of errata.

Other games are covered with a maintenance cost of ships for the universe of Starfire along with an article and scenarios on the Drolian Conquest 2068—2070, how to play a shorter version of TSR's Iwo Jima, looks at Operation Pegasus and Boarding Party, and a two-player variant for Intruder. There are reviews of the computer games Gwendolyn, Zork I, The Vaults of Zurich, The Cranston Manor Adventure, NATO Division Commander, The Return of Hercules, The Dark Crystal, Star League Baseball, Capture the Flag, and Odin.

This PDF is provided by Amarillo Design Bureau, Inc. with the kind permission of Allen D. Eldridge. It includes ads and offers from 1984; these are no longer valid.

Written by Stephen Cole / Allen Eldridge