Nexus #6

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Not all of the drama nor all of the heroes are on the Bridge. 

— Stephen V. Cole

It is 1983 and Nexus #6 has just been released. It focuses this time on Star Fleet Battles, with the lead story of "Behind the Glory of the Heroes" by Joseph McCarthy. (The story was reprinted in Captain's Log #13.) Play-by-mail was arriving for Star Fleet Battles players and an extensive article explains how to do that. The Commander's Edition Rulebook was being released. Lyran space is described. Richard Kerr tells you all you want to know about painting Kzinti ships and there is a page of Kzinti emblems. SSDs of the Tholian destroyer, Lyran Cougar fleet tug/Puma transport tug, Hydran Caravan tug, and Gorn battle destroyer are included.

Other games are covered with a timeline for the universe of Starfire, a scenario for Battlewagon ("The Battle of San Bernadino Straits," released in PDF as "Battlewagon Article #2"), and a review of Epyx's Armor Assault.

This PDF is provided by Amarillo Design Bureau, Inc. with the kind permission of Allen D. Eldridge. It includes ads and offers from 1983; these are no longer valid.

Written by Stephen Cole / Allen Eldridge