Mystic Menaces Fun Pack

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For sheer, unadulterated evil, you can't beat the extradimensional villain Tyrannon the Conqueror or the fiendish Morbanes of DEMON. But Tyrannon's got 888 separate bodies, and using the same Morbane character sheet again and again becomes dull and predictable. What's a harried GM to do? Pick up a copy of The Mystic Menaces Fun Pack, that's what! In its 200 pages, it contains character sheets for each of Tyrannon's generic Throne, Viceroy, and Emissary forms not fully presented in The Mystic World (23 character sheets total) and pre-built, individualized Morbanes using the power templates from DEMON (81 character sheets total). That's over 100 villains for less than a dime a bad guy!

Note: The MMFP does not reprint character sheets or text published in TMW or DEMON, such as Tyrannon's Tree Throne form or the generic Morbane.

Written by Allen Thomas / Dean Shomshak