Munchkin Promotional Cards

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One Munchkin Promotional Card


Promo Cards: Duck Holliday (The Good, the Bad & the Munchkin)
Awful Green Thing (Munchkin)
Banzai Tree (Munchkin Fu)
Boa Constructor (Munchkin)
Cash Cow (Munchkin)
Caster Oil (Munchkin)
Cloak of Anonymity (Munchkin)
Curse! Bring Along A Third Wheel (Munchkin)
Curse! Unjustly Accused! (Munchkin OZ)
Dead Wood (Munchkin Zombies)
Disaster! Alpacalypse (Munchkin Apocalypse)
Disaster! Duck Season! (Munchkin Apocalypse)
Dracolick (Munchkin)
Duck Holliday (The Good, the Bad & the Munchkin)
Duck In Black (Munchkin Impossible)
Ear Worm (Munchkin)
Feet Cheat (Munchkin)
Game Mechanic (Munchkin)
Ghost Hands (Munchkin)
Glazer (Star Munchkin)
Go Down A Level (Munchkin)
Hello Carrier (Munchkin Apocalypse)
Hipster Hireling (Munchkin)
Hostile Jester (Munchkin)
Khan Artist (Star Munchkin)
Lightning Bolt (Munchkin)
Nightmare (Munchkin Treasure Hunt)
No Guts, No Glory (Munchkin Zombies)
Oil Derek (Munchkin)
Open the Vault (Munchkin)
Phlegm Fatale (Munchkin Impossible)
Professor Tesla's Electrical Protective Device (Munchkin Steampunk)
Pub Knight (Munchkin)
Sand Witch (Munchkin)
Scaler (Munchkin)
Ship To My Loo (Munchkin Booty)
Tame (Munchkin Oz)
Tower Shield (Munchkin)
Train Training (Munchkin Impossible)
Trap! Panic! (Star Munchkin)
Wand of Dousing (Munchkin)
Wishing Ring (Munchkin Cthulhu)
The Stars Are Cruel (Munchkin Cthulhu)
Onomatopeon (Super Munchkin)
... Of Smiting! (Munchkin)
Curse! Cat Nap (Munchkin)
Embrace The Madness (Munchkin Cthulhu)
Sidekick: Space Family Peralta (Star Munchkin GAE)
Space Geek (Star Munchkin GAE)
Monster by Mail (Munchkin Apocalypse GAE)
Jawbone Radio (Munchkin Apocalypse GAE)
Hangdog (Munchkin)
Houndstooth (Munchkin)
Mook: Hidden Muskrat (Munchkin Fu GAE)
Mistakenly Modified Moop (Munchkin)
Richard (Munchkin)
Curse! Dead Two Rights (Munchkin Zombies)
Action Cat And Adventure Bug (Super Munchkin)
Curse! Shattered (Munchkin)
Unholy Cow (Munchkin)
Sucker Punch (Munchkin Cthulhu)
Sailor Bacon (Super Munchkin)
Bear Grills (Munchkin Apocalypse)
Grouching Tiger (Munchkin Fu)
Sidekick: Awesome Bear(Super Munchkin)
Grin and Tonic(Munchkin)
Mourning Star(Munchkin)
Frankenstein's Mobster(Munchkin)
Clockwork Dragon(Munchkin)
Loose Cannon(Munchkin)
Curse! Schooled By Mr. Fanny!(Munchkin)
Lighter of Smiting(Munchkin)
At Loggerheads(Munchkin Booty)
Pitcher of Cheap Beer(Munchkin Zombies)

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We make lots of Munchkin promotional cards, most of which get passed out at conventions, by our Men In Black, and right here on Warehouse 23. We've often been asked if there is a way customers can get a specific promo card in their orders.

Now you can! Just select the card you want from the drop-down menu and it will be added to your shopping cart. If you want more than one card, select this item multiple times.

These are the same cards we give away for free; you are paying for the ability to choose a specific card rather than accepting the whims of fate.

As always, thanks for being a Warehouse 23 customer!