MQ2 - Inns & Taverns

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The Maelstrom RPG, published in 1984 was a small but popular game, released partly on the success of the Fighting Fantasy books, also from Puffin. Written by Alexander Scott, a teenager at the time, the game soon gathered a loyal following. Despite being in print for only a short time, the game has developed something of a cult following, and the herbal section has inspired many net-based RPG herbals.

Following the first issue of The Maelstrom Quarterly in 2009, we can now offer the (somewhat belated) Issue 2. The first Issue dealt with Tournaments, the enjoyment of the Nobility and wealthy, but the second issue looks at the other end of the social scale. Most people in the Tudor world of Maelstrom find their simple pleasures at the bottom of a tankard, and so this issue covers Inns, Taverns, Alehouses and Brothels. With descriptions, layout plans, price lists, slang and even rules for running your own establishment, this guide is a must for the Tudor traveller and businessman alike. Although written for the Maelstrom RPG, this guide is also useful for any medieval or fantasy RPG that features Taverns and ale.

Written by Graham Bottley