Misfits & Menaces: DOOM

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This latest in the Misfits & Menaces line of products presents DOOM, an organization of supernatural horror and unrepentant evil for your M&M Superlink game. Founded through the merging of several ancient dark, mystic secret societies, DOOM looks to the insane-inspiring Lost Ones for favor by working black magics and even blacker goals towards ruling or ending the world, as their designs strike them.

Contents include:

  • Two variations of game stats for DOOM's flunkies, the cultist, dagger assassins, sorcerers, and half-demon Imps
  • DOOM's demonic slaves, the Barzani, and their warlord rulers, the Riders of the Apocalypse, including game statistics for demon hybrids, the basic demon, along with Death, Famine, Pestilence, and War
  • The Doomsayers, DOOM's elite metahuman strike force, including their leader, the undying spell-smith Acolyte, and the skinless Bone, triple-headed Cerberus, enigmatic Chain, brutish Deadman and his formless partner, Switch, dark Fallen Angel, fiery Hellfire, turncoat Nether, and duplicitous Speed Demon
  • New rules, including extras, flaws, and drawbacks
  • Over 30 sample spell builds presented in a way that allows them to easily scale to meet your needs
  • Adventure ideas for each character, as well as DOOM as a whole to make the product's materials easier to incorporate into your game
  • Over a dozen new creatures, ranging from demons to hellhounds to giant insects controlled by Famine.

If you're looking to add some evil to your M&M Superlink game this is the product for you.

This hyperlinked and bookmarked PDF includes a print-friendly version and makes use of game mechanics appearing in Better Mousetrap, also available from Misfit Studios.

Written by Steven Trustrum