Mean Streets

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Good Agents Don't Stay Dead . . .

You're a top agent for Texas Intelligence – and somebody just killed you. Now you've awakened as a Gold Cross clone, to finish the job your former self had started. Your assignment:

  • Penetrate Houston – a ruined, ravaged city of gangs, led by a dictator named Golden Moses;
  • Steal the detonators – vital devices, salvaged from a sunken nuclear sub, now about to be used to launch an atomic attack against the nation of Texas;
  • And escape – driving through the worst urban jungle in North America!

From the Psycho-Delics to the Slimes, every gang in the city will be out to kill you. Be ready to deal with hostile cars, choppers – maybe even tanks – to win your way to freedom through Houston's Mean Streets!

Mean Streets is a programmed adventure for Car Wars. You should have the Car Wars Deluxe Edition, or the Car Wars Compendium and a set of maps and counters. It can be played three ways:

  • As a solo adventure – no opponent needed.
  • As a two-person game – one takes the part of the agent and the other runs the gang vehicles.
  • As a Game Master's guide to vehicles and encounters for a multi-player roleplaying adventure.

Included are complete Car Wars stats for 18 different vehicles. Good luck, and drive offensively!

Written by W.G. Armintrout