Master at Arms: Falchioneer

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The falchion is a weapon that has lost its identity in the d20 system, and is represented as something far different than its historical counterpart. Blackdirge Publishing seeks to correct this injustice with the latest installment of the Master at Arms line: the falchioneer. The falchioneer is an aggressive warrior that can use his heavy blade to smash through his opponent's defenses, break his bones, or simply hack away limbs with each mighty stroke.

So, if you're searching for a prestige class that allows you to hack and chop with the best of them, then look no further than Master at Arms: Falchioneer.

Master at Arms - Falchioneer contains 7 pages of new d20 material, which includes the following:

  • A historical look at the falchion
  • Author's design notes
  • The falchioneer prestige class
  • Khorzed Goregrinder, a crazed hobgoblin falchioneer
  • Illustration by Jesse Mohn
  • A new magic item: boots of hobgoblin-kind

Written by Aeryn Rudel