Mars Colony (Magical Kitties 2E)

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Mars Colony at a Glance

  • An out-of-this-world hometown setting and adventure for Magical Kitties Save the Day.
  • Includes a gorgeous full-color poster map of the strange mysteries of Mars.
  • New adventure recipes and mechanical twists blast off for brand new stories!

The World of Mars

When the colonists traveled to Mars, of course their magical kitties came with them! Now your kitty krew is ready to stretch their paws, and there's a whole planet's worth of new adventures waiting!

But problems are tougher on the Red Planet. The Martian landscape is dangerous and riddled with strange magic, huge sand worms, mysterious alien artifacts, and even trans-dimensional beings! Inside the colony's domes, their humans seem to run into a new problem for each new one the kitties solve. With a growing colony and overwhelmed humans to take care of, the kitties had better be ready to save the day!