Maelstrom Classic Fantasy Deluxe

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The Maelstrom Roleplaying Game is a cult classic. Originally published in the 1980s, but revived for the modern era, this ruleset is incredibly versatile.

This book brings a whole new direction to your Maelstrom games. Get your Warriors, Thief, Wizard and Cleric together and enter dark and dangerous dungeons. Track through ancient forests as Elven Heroes or through vast caverns as stout Dwarves.

Also contains the adventure: Purple Mushroom Caves:

Once simply home to a family of Fire Wolves, the otherwise unremarkable cave holds a terrible secret. Explore the caves, defeat your enemies, save the trade caravans from raiders and find the mushrooms!

Challenge your Maelstrom Classic Fantasy characters with this short adventure, complete with maps and paper miniatures.

Nine 20 × 25cm Battlemat Tiles

10 New Paper Miniatures

And also the Maelstrom Classic Fantasy Bestiary:

The Maelstrom Classic Fantasy Toolkit took the cult RPG system in a whole new direction, introducing Wizards and Warriors, Monsters and Treasures. But you can never have enough Monsters, Creatures, friends and enemies, so now we bring you the MCF Bestiary!

Containing over 70 new and exciting monsters, this book will give any Maelstrom Referee many more opponents for your adventurers both novice and experienced.

Requires the Maelstrom RPG core book.
The Maelstrom Companion will also prove useful.

Written by Graham Bottley