Legend Quest – Omnibus Edition

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It's back again! And it's bigger and better than ever!!

Twenty-five years after its original debut, Legend Quest the high fantasy paper-RPG loved by fans and critics – is back in this: the Omnibus edition.

"A real gem of a game. One of the best systems I've ever seen."
— Dragon Magazine

The Omnibus edition contains everything from the original rule book, but that's not all! The Omnibus edition includes the rule book, Book of Wishes magic expansion, and the Optional Weapons rules. But that's still not all. The Omnibus edition also includes never before published optional rules, including the critical and fumble charts. and we just keep heaping it on. There are the Legend Quest Modern rules including explosives and automatic weapons. and just for fun, we've also put in countless Game Designers Notes and Clarifications based on the last 25 years of playtesting.

No other rule book is required! No other rule book will ever be published!

Legend Quest is the role-playing game for those who have seen the issues with other games and want to work with a set of rules that work smoothly in every situation. Legend Quest is a full role-playing game and not simply a combat system, but a fully integrated game. Fast to learn; fast to play; Legend Quest is the perfect role-playing game for those who want it all. and now it has it all in one book!

Written by John G. Josten