Lands Of Mystery (3rd Edition)




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Justice Inc. went a long way toward at least mentioning each different type of fiction popular in the pulps. Open the box, start playing, and suddenly you're a steely-eyed crime-fighter in trench coat or torn shirt, fighting gangsters, foiling maniacal world-conquerers, combating the supernatural, and more. However — yes, believe it or not — there were more varieties of pulp adventures than those. Justice Inc. simply couldn't cover every pulp genre in the detail it deserved; a game that size would be sold in a wooden packing crate for $125.95! So we're writing campaign supplements and extended rulebooks — which will discuss in excruciating detail the many other ways to adventure, pulpishly using the rules of JI. Lands of Mystery is such a campaign supplement, and has been designed to cover an area that JI did not expand upon: The Lost Worlds Romance.

Written by Aaron Allston