Klingons PD20 Modern

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The Empire of Steel!

The Imperial Race Invades the Star Fleet Universe!

The most dangerous enemy faced by the Federation is the Klingon Empire, and yet the Klingons don't regard the Federation as their primary threat! There is much more to the Klingons.

History of the Klingons: How Kahless conquered the planet. The Old Kings who took the Klingons into space, then stranded them back on their homeworld. How the Klingons returned to the stars and conquered their mighty empire!

Complete Species Profile: Everything there is to know about the Klingons (and their "subject races.")! Biology, culture, military, government, emperors, religions, economics, legal system, Imperial Paladins, military nobility, intelligence agencies, Secret Police, and more!

Planet Surveys: Complete data on 23 star systems and over 100 planets. Klinshai, warrior colonies, subject race planets, industrial worlds, and more!

Starships: Complete data files for more than 100 types, classes, and special mission variants ranging from the mighty B10 battleship to D7 battlecruiser, to the tiny G2 police corvette.

Technology Files: Disruptors, agonizers, two-handed swords, six different daggers, complete plans for the G1 fast patrol ship, medals, rank insignia, and the dangerous but effective mindsifter!

Adventure Seeds: Make a deal on Verlix Station or risk your career on Lieutenant Thirek's experiment.

Compatible with RPGs using 20-sided dice. You don't absolutely need a Prime Directive PD20 Modern Core Rulebook, but some of the material won't make much sense without it.

Written by Stephen V. Cole