Klingon G1 Gunboat Deck Plans

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Tough as a mule.
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The Klingon G1 gunboat is a workhorse of the Deep Space Fleet. Once used during the General War as a patrol ship, it was sold by the thousands after the war. Stripped of its weapons, it was used for surveying, asteroid mining, and planetary prospecting.

The standard G1 is shown in six sheets (3 for each deck), as is the U1 work boat. Two additional sheets provide the upper and lower decks for the G1L hull extensions. It also includes full-color crewmen (27 of them). All deck plan sheets are double-sided with 1-meter hexes on one side and 1.5-meter squares on the other side.

While designed for GURPS Prime Directive and GURPS Traveller, these deck plans are usable for most hex or square-based RPGs.