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Watch Your Back

You might be . . .

Bitten by rubber snakes!

Poisoned with peanuts!

Electrocuted by ropes!

Shot with a banana!

Hosed & sprinkled, squirted & boffed . . . even ping-ponged!

Killer is the exciting live roleplaying game for intelligent, creative, and slightly uncivilized people . . . people who want to knock off their friends . . . without hurting them.

In this unique game, each player becomes an assassin, stalking one (or all) of the other players. Squirt guns replace pistols; water balloons become bombs . . . whatever your fiendish mind can devise. As the assassins take out their targets, the number of players dwindles. The last one alive is the winner.

Besides the basic game, there are 16 different advanced scenarios . . . games that set the players up as everything from 1920s mobsters to modern-day vampire hunters. You can play Killer in any background you can imagine.

Also included in this new, expanded version are hundreds of gadgets, strategies for devious ways of bumping off your friends, safety tips, and more.

Fourth Edition – November 1998

Written by Steve Jackson