JagdPanther Magazine #5

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Take another journey with us back to 1974, when a small wargame club in Amarillo Texas (led by Steve Cole) produced an award-winning magazine filled with articles, variants, and reviews. Production values had not improved, and we still printed on that insane 14" paper. (The pages are divided in half for this 54-page PDF version.)

This issue includes several features:

  • Cover art of Zeppelins by James McNease.
  • Editorial with rambling comments on what was going in the Amarillo group and the industry at large.
  • Variants for the SPI game World War II covering things they forgot, omitted, or didn't consider worth mentioning.
  • A variant for Turning Point moving the SS divisions from another theater to that game.
  • A variant for Avalon Hill's 1914 game assuming that the US Army showed up early.
  • A list of ways to balance the Avalon Hill game Stalingrad.
  • A variant for Guadalcanal introducing the German 2nd Mountain Division and other units including Australians, the US 82nd Airborne, the German 2nd Parachute Division and 15th Panzer Division.Assorted new rules for Luftwaffe continuing the game into 1947. This included B29s, a US base in Norway, transfers via Gibraltar, the Italian Air Force, more jets (British, Russian, American), and much more.
  • World War II naval miniatures rules.
  • Suggested rules changes for Second Galactic War.
  • A way to link the games Trireme and Centurion.
  • The most confusing rules for Diplomacy.
  • American troops in Moscow Campaign.
  • A column on Napoleonic Miniatures.
  • A review of the game Spitfire.
  • The complete game Zeppelin covering the World War I aerial warfare campaign over Britain.

Written by Stephen Cole