JagdPanther Magazine #3

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Take another journey with us back to 1973, when a small wargame club in Amarillo, Texas (led by Steve Cole) produced a magazine filled with articles, variants, and reviews. Production values had not improved, and we still printed on that insane 14" paper.

ARTICLES included a puzzle, some club news, editorials, minis vs counters, armor miniatures, tactics in Diplomacy, some business experiments that never worked (command college for wargamers, PBEM games that few played and no one finished), a survey of game ideas, and some of the stupidest editorial drivel that Steve Cole ever published.

REVIEWS included Richthoffen's War, Fall of Rome, Poor Bloody Infantry, and Rifle & Saber.

VARIANTS included the British Army in Gettysburg, Black Star Blue Star, UFOs in Foxbat and Phantom, the No-Normandy Option for Anzio, Zulus for Rifle & Saber, Foxboom & Bantam, Anti-aircraft for Foxbat & Phantom, Pacific theater aircraft for Luftwaffe, Realistic Midway, Panzerblitz table of organization for the 1st Marine Division, and an Origins of Vietnam variant for Origins of WW2.

The complete game was MTB (Motor Torpedo Boat) which amounted to a PT boat variant for Panzerblitz, and a little one-page game about British swordfish torpedo planes attacking the Italian fleet.

Written by Stephen Cole