In Nomine: Ethereal Player's Guide

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These Dreams . . .

Once they were gods who ruled the lands of sleep. Once they were spirits who sent their images to slumbering mortals. Once they were elves, unicorns, dragons, and more.

The angels tried to kill them. The demons tried to enslave them. But the ethereal spirits survive – and are born anew from human dreams! The War may be about Heaven and Hell, but humans aren't the only ones caught in the crossfire.

Now you can play those mysterious "neutrals," the ethereal spirits – pagan gods, creatures of myth, and even the dancing toothbrushes from the last time you ate anchovies on your pizza. Woven from essential strands of concept, spirits have their own supernatural powers, Song affinities, and personalities.

Every second of the night, I live another life.
 – Heart, "These Dreams"

Now you can, too . . .

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Written by David Edelstein / R. Sean Borgstrom