Heroin Highway

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Unknown Armies Campaign Starter Kits help you get started running your Unknown Armies campaign quickly. Each kit features the following:

  • Five characters, broken and damaged and ready to go
  • One group objective for the cabal to pursue
  • A first session scenario to get things moving quickly
  • GM hooks, additional objective ideas, GMCs, and suggestions for the antagonist phase

With this campaign starter kit, you have all that you need to fuel your imagination and get things moving. The kit takes the place of the initial planning and collaborative character and setting creation system provided in Unknown Armies. Players select a character, choose one or two additional relationships with the other player characters, and make these obsessed individuals their own.

In Heroin Highway, the players take on the roles of members and allies of a recovery group in a depressed town in Massachusetts, brought together not just by addiction but by the recent death of a loved one. Through the course of the campaign they learn about the occult connection between events in their town and the lives and deaths of those who live in it.

Written by Chris Lites