Heroic Adventures – Volume 2 (4th Edition)

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Heroic Adventures Volume 2 contains six exciting, independent adventures for use with Dark Champions or Champions.

A maniac kidnaps a wealthy executive's son and is going to blow him up at midnight. Deadly toys rampage through a busy shopping mall. Terrorists are selling nuclear grade plutonium to the highest bidder. A new drug hits the streets and a child disappears near a haunted house, and the only lead is a group of neighborhood kids. A seemingly immortal vigilante is killing jaywalkers and speeders. People are dropping dead in the streets for no apparent reason.

It's all in a night's work for a Hudson City vigilante.

This book contains six action packed adventures for use with Dark Champions™ and the Hero System™. Test your vigilantes' mettle and give your players what they really want-Heroic Adventures!

Written by Chris Avellone / Steven S. Long / Jim Crocker