Heroic Adventures – Volume 1 (4th Edition)




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Heroic Adventures Volume 1™ contains three exciting, independent adventures for use with Champions or Dark Champions.

Throwing Stars and Bars takes the heroes through a romping adventure in the deep South. Someone is kidnapping seemingly random people from the Memphis area. Can the heroes unravel the mystery and stop them before it's too late? Ifs going to take some clear thought and a lot of courage to prevent a very un-civil war!

Someone has taken over the FBI's premier training facility, known as the Block, and is holding the trainees hostage. The heroes must infiltrate the facility and neutralize the threat. As the heroes soon discover, however, things are not all as they appear in The Block.

The heroes enjoy some recreation in a virtual reality system. Is this game merely an escape from the hum drum at everyday life, or an exercise in supervillainy? Can the heroes discover the secret and save the day, or will they be put on Virtual Ice?

Written by Chris Avellone / Bruce Tong / Jim Crocker