Hero System Resource Kit

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This collection of game aids for both players and GMs contains useful stuff for every HERO System gamer! It includes: a 48-page booklet with a summary of the character creation rules, helpful forms for players and GMs, and other goodies; a five-page GM screen with charts and other useful information for you to print out and assemble; 36 "paper miniatures" (12 modern-day, 12 fantasy, 12 sci-fi); and six 22"x17" maps (one featuring two modern-day scenes [the famed "Rosie's" street scene and the interior of a warehouse]; one featuring two fantasy scenes [a village street and an inn]; and one featuring science fiction scenes [a space station common area and a starship's bridge]) that can be printed at full size.

Written by Artem Serebrennikov / Steven S. Long / Darren Watts / Andy Mathews / Ben Seeman