HERO System 6th Edition - Volume 1 Character Creation

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The best has just gotten even better! The HERO System 6th Edition brings new levels of flexibility and creativity to the acclaimed HERO System, allowing players to create any sort of character, power, gadget, spell, vehicle, monster, or weapon they can think of. Whatever you want to do, in any genre, setting, or time period, the HERO System 6th Edition rules will let you do it!

The 6th Edition rules come in two Core Rulebooks, Characters and Combat And Adventuring. Together these two books feature:

  • the full HERO System rules, revised and updated for greater flexibility, creativity, and ease of use
  • full color art throughout
  • hundreds of example powers and a dozen example characters from many different genres
  • guidelines for converting characters from the 5th Edition to the 6th Edition, to make the transition process a simple one and ensure that books written for the 5th Edition rules remain just as useful to HERO System gamers!

Written by Steven S. Long