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In the earliest days of World War II, the Soviet Union agreed to split Eastern Europe with Nazi Germany like two lions sharing a carcass. But in June 1941, Hitler turned on Stalin and launched Operation Barbarossa, a massive invasion of Russia. Long mistrusted by the other Allies, Stalin was now of necessity an ally . . . though one to keep at arm's length.

GURPS WWII: Red Tide is the definitive sourcebook on Soviet forces in World War II. From the three-year siege of Leningrad to naval encounters in the Baltic and Black Seas, from the final drive on Berlin to the invasion of Japanese-held Manchuria, Red Tide brings the horror and the bravery of the Eastern Front to your gaming table.

Written by GURPS WWII author Gene Seabolt, GURPS WWII: Red Tide is a valuable supplement for any WWII gaming group . . . RPG, tabletop, or online.

Written by Gene Seabolt