GURPS Traveller Classic: Planetary Survey 5 - Tobibak

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The Savage Sea

The world called Tobibak lies slightly off the beaten track in Corridor Sector, a world 99% covered by ocean and overlooked by history for centuries. When Humans came, it was to exploit, not to settle, but Tobibak was already inhabited – by a primitive intelligence mysteriously similar to another aquatic race from many light years away. TobiCorp exploited the natives as unpaid labor, using them to help mine the sea bottom and harvest the teeming schools of shrimp for sale offworld.

When a TobiCorp scientist discovered the truth, his conscience led him to expose the company's crimes, and Tobibak was taken over by the Imperial Ministry of Colonization.

Water worlds have always fascinated science-fiction fans, and Tobibak is a treatment in depth (so to speak). On Tobibak, Humans cooperate with the native aquatic race to develop a planet with vast animal and mineral wealth, dodging mammoth hurricanes and marauding predators. But the waters of Tobibak conceal enigmas – who brought the aquatic sophonts, and why? Explore the mysteries in the depths of Tobibak.

Still waters run deep . . .

(This is a digital reprint of a GURPS Third Edition product.)

Written by Loren K. Wiseman / Scott Haring