GURPS Traveller Classic: Modular Cutter

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The Ship of a Thousand Uses

With its legendary utility and flexibility, the 50-ton modular cutter has spread across the Imperium. Its interchangeable payloads can turn cargo hauler into battle craft or research vessel in the time it takes to unlock one module and load the next.

For the first time ever, GURPS Traveller: Modular Cutter details the operation of and options for this ubiquitous vessel. Discover:

  • The inner workings of modular shipping . . . including the unpleasant consequences of haphazard module-handling.
  • A wide variety of alternate module-carrying ships, from the small Hiver version of the cutter to huge container starships.
  • Scores of alternate modules to make the modular cutter fit any mission profile.
  • Information on designing custom modular vessels using the starship-construction rules in GURPS Traveller.

In a universe of mystery, it's impossible to know what tools you'll need to face tomorrow's challenges. Prepare yourself for all contingencies with GURPS Traveller: Modular Cutter!

(This is a digital reprint of a GURPS Third Edition product.)

Written by Loren K. Wiseman / Andy Akins