Transhuman Space: Changing Times

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Welcome to the Future . . .

In the coming decades, genetic engineering, artificial intelligence, and nanotechnology will transform humanity. Earth will no longer confine us. Space tourism, moon and asteroid mining, a permanent settlement on Mars: all are dreams poised to take flight. A strange new world will unfold – a nightmare to some, a paradise to others.

Transhuman Space is a future in which radical new technologies and space travel fuse to forge a new destiny for mankind. Neither utopia nor dystopia, it is a place of hopes, fears, and new frontiers.

Given the vast potential of the Transhuman Space setting, GMs and players can find themselves asking: "What do I do with all this?"

Changing Times is designed to answer that question. Inside, you'll find:

  • For GMs: Ways to incorporate setting concepts, philosophies, and technologies in your campaign, whether they're in the hands of the players or the bad guys!
  • For players: Who you can work for (or against!), hints for playing non-baseline humans, and a thorough list of updated templates, weapons, allies, and more!
  • An update to Fourth Edition standards. Phil Masters (Transhuman Space: Personnel Files, Transhuman Space: High Frontier) has converted the racial templates and weapons table from the core Transhuman Space book into the current edition of GURPS, and added extensive notes on converting ongoing campaigns!

The future moves fast. Embrace the Changing Times and survive in style!

Written by Phil Masters