GURPS Template Toolkit 3: Starship Crew

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Seeking Qualified Personnel

Faster-than-light spaceships – starships – are a staple of futuristic adventure. In most settings, they're also incredibly complex machines that call for a crew of skilled specialists. When those are PCs, this leads to questions about who does what . . . and then there's the tricky matter of making their jobs equally interesting, if not important.

GURPS Template Toolkit: Starship Crew helps by offering a set of character templates consistent with how space opera and soft sci-fi depict voyages to the stars, with roles spanning command, helm, ops, tactical, engineering, medical, science, and security, plus staff to look after cargo and passengers. Everything was done with GURPS Spaceships in mind, so no key skills are missing. And that's it for the assumptions – you can tweak the framework to match your preferred setting, crew size (from two people in a starfighter to PCs as department heads), and power and realism levels, and you can customize the templates for personal background and cross-training.

Space is unforgiving. Light-years from the nearest port, you want people you can count on!

Written by Sean Punch