GURPS Social Engineering: Keeping in Contact

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Contents: 41-page PDF


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It's all about who you know.

The Contact advantage is a vital way to represent background helpers in the lives of GURPS characters, but players have found it challenging to harness their full potential . . . until now. GURPS Social Engineering: Keeping in Contact is your guide to all things Contact-related. Coloring in the friendship-forging aspects of GURPS Social Engineering, this supplement features an in-depth exploration of Contacts, including insight into how they compare with other interactional traits.

It offers new options and clarifications to extend the scope of Contacts, including new modifiers to expand the possibilities of what Contacts can do. Whether you've got old friends in the occult, confidantes in the criminal underworld, or associates in the artistic community, Keeping in Contact is your guide to interpersonal power!

Written by Kelly Pedersen