GURPS Social Engineering: Back to School

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You Have a Lot to Learn

GURPS is one of the rare few RPGs that lets characters improve between adventures as well as from them. The challenge is in making study interesting – perhaps even an adventure in itself. GURPS Social Engineering: Back to School is the ideal textbook for gamers who want to learn how.

Drama geeks will like the advice on making school-based stories exciting. Nerds will appreciate the new rules for learning and teaching. Popular kids will enjoy the discussion of social success at school – and how that translates to the community at large. Even jocks get a few words – not many, and mostly small ones – on body training and steroids.

And for the teachers out there, here's a summary in bullet points:

  • Expanded rules for learning – both slowly, through study and intensive training, and quickly, by spending earned points.
  • New character-improvement options like "converting" points between skills and attributes, and treating learning as a job.
  • Game mechanics for instruction quality, covering the effects of Teaching skill rolls, texts, training equipment, and more.
  • Details on how advantages, disadvantages, skills, and techniques (including several new ones) influence learning and teaching.
  • A look at social considerations such as student-teacher loyalty, finding teachers, and making academic Patrons and Rank useful.
  • Thoughts on running campaigns that use all this stuff, whether from the viewpoint of students, teachers, or school administrators.

Read up . . . it'll all be on the test!

Written by William H. Stoddard