GURPS Romulans

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Newly revised in 2021, GURPS Romulans is the sourcebook for the GURPS Prime Directive's Romulan Star Empire, the Federation's longest-standing foe. The Romulans are the most intriguing enemy faced by the Federation, and the Romulans definitely regard the Federation as their greatest foe. In this book, you will find out even more about the empire and the people who inhabit it!

More about the history of the Romulans! Find out how Vulcans left their homeworld, found new worlds, and forged them together to create a mighty empire. Discover how Augustus Tal became the first Romulan emperor. And then explore the Romulan-Gorn wars.

More about the Romulans! Find out more about the Romulans themselves, including their biology, culture, military, government, emperors, religions, economics, legal systems, great houses, and the State Security Agency. Discover what options are open for education in the Romulan Empire with templates for the various military academies and training programs. Included is more information about how to become a valued member of a Great House. Join the police or become a magistrate. In this revision, more information has been included in the templates, including new skills.

More about the Romulan's suppressed races! Discover strange planets with the complete planetary survey, including geological information and information on the species inhabiting them. The ancient species of the Sath'hi are empathic pacifists and a protectorate of the Romulans. The Gerlunians and their nation-states are under secret observation by the Romulans. Saying the Dionaeans are “less than friendly” toward Romulans on their planet is an understatement. In all cases, the information has been updated to be in line with the information in the revised GURPS Prime Directive. In particular, the Dionaeans advantages and disadvantages that are not in the core GURPS Prime Directive rulebook have been added.

More about the starships! Still based on the 3rd edition of GURPS, this provides more information about the Romulan starships. Find out about the home-grown Eagle and Hawk series of ships, as well as the KRs, acquired from the Klingons. Deckplans for the SkyHawk destroyer are included. And why are these series named after birds? Discover more about the birds that are honored by the Romulans.

More technology! The weapons commonly found in the Romulan Empire have descriptions and weapon charts.

More adventures! Find out more about Abraxas Station and some of its denizens. New skills that these inhabitants have are included.

You must have GURPS Prime Directive to use this sourcebook effectively. There are references to GURPS Basic Set that, while not strictly needed, will enhance your gaming experience.

Written by John Sickels