GURPS Prime Directive 4e Revised, Volume 1: Creating a Character

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Long in coming, GURPS Prime Directive 4e has been revised. Volume 1, Creating a Character has everything you need to create a character (equipment and weapons are in the second volume). Powered by GURPS, this book includes information about the species inhabiting the Alpha Octant of the Milky Way Galaxy, including "normal" height and weight ranges. Information about the species of the Inter-Stellar Concordium has been greatly expanded from the original edition. Academy templates are included for characters who are part of the Federation.

Also expanded are the lists of advantages, disadvantages, and skills found in GURPS. We have chosen the ones we feel are best suited for the Star Fleet Universe and think you can play with just these; however, more are included in GURPS Basic Set: Characters. When we reference one of these advantages, disadvantages, or skills it will be clearly marked. (These are mostly references to magic and the supernatural which were omitted as not germane to the Star Fleet Universe.)

Included is an index to both Volume 1 and Volume 2, along with an index to charts and tables that are frequently used.