GURPS Mysteries

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A Dame Walks Into Your Office . . .

A dead body, no witnesses, and a room full of suspects with perfect alibis – can you find the killer and bring him to justice? Learn the secrets of mystery fiction and what will, and will not, work in an RPG mystery. Learn how to be a better investigator. Learn the problems you are likely to encounter in a low-tech, magic, super-tech, or horror mystery.

GURPS Mysteries covers:

  • Creating mysteries as stand-alone adventures, as part of an existing campaign, or as a campaign in their own right, with specific discussions of the low-tech, modern-tech, future, magic, and horror settings.
  • Setting the crime scene, including detailed forensic information on causes of death, investigation methods, and a forensic timeline.
  • Creating interesting villains, including matching disadvantages to motives and means of carrying out a crime.
  • A template-based character generation system for iconic investigators, including the genius detective, the hardboiled shamus, police detectives, investigating magicians, even "that darn kid."
  • Sample detective and investigative agencies to hire or bedevil characters.
  • Expanded rules for questioning and interacting with NPCs.

GURPS Mysteries is designed both for the GM who wants to create and run mystery adventures and for players who want to create and portray more effective investigators in any setting.

GURPS Mysteries Gets 5 Stars On ENWorld!

ENWorld reviewer "Crothian" had this to say: "GURPS Mysteries is the ultimate in mystery role playing books. It is very useful to any genre and any game but obviously even more useful for GURPS players. I am very impressed with the research, the completeness, and the absolute great approach to mysteries for role playing games. This book is basically a must have for anyone planning on doing a mystery role playing game." Read the entire review.

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Written by Lisa J. Steele