GURPS Locations: Metro of Madness

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On the streets above, humanity serves as the pulsing blood that flows through the city, keeping it alive and vibrant.

Below the streets is a separate pulse . . . one that beats just as loudly, echoing in the darkness.

Welcome to Samuel Luke Subway Station.

GURPS Locations: Metro of Madness describes an unusual subway station where the shadows harbor strange secrets, the daily routine masks strange happenings, and nothing is as it seems. From troglodytes to trapped spirits, from monsters hiding in plain sight to mysteries hidden in the architecture, from animal empaths to sinister psychopaths, the Metro of Madness bubbles over with adventure possibilities:

  • Maps for all three levels of the station.
  • Templates for people likely to be found around the station, including urban explorers, pickpockets, cultists, and serial killers!
  • More than dozen noteworthy NPCs tied to the area, who might cross heroes' paths for good or ill.
  • Descriptions of the unique supernatural threats and phenomena of the station, including spirits of the subway, mural wisps, and a chthonic demon.
  • Spells related to subways and their stations, and a completely new form of magic: rail shamanism.
  • Campaign and adventure ideas for incorporating the Metro of Madness into a variety of settings, from cyberpunk and supers to steampunk and In Nomine.

Have your tickets ready . . . for madness!

Written by Bevan Thomas / Fade Manley