GURPS High-Tech: Weapon Tables

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While GURPS High-Tech covers all aspects of life in TL5-8, the most referenced section is always the weapons. Should your character carry a Walther P38 or Franchi SPAS-12? What's the weight of the mook's unloaded Enfield Sten Mk II? Can the team pick up an anti-tank weapon for less than $500?

For these common questions, you don't need to flip through the entire chapter; you just want the weapon tables. And that's why we created GURPS High-Tech: Weapon Tables. All the raw data you need, in 18 easy-to-reference pages.

Note: this product is bundled with the PDF version of GURPS High-Tech; if you have already purchased that product, you do not need to purchase this one.

Written by Hans-Christian Vortisch / Michael Hurst / S.A. Fisher