GURPS Furries

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Lions And Tigers And Bears – That's Us!

Two seconds after the first humans met the first animals, people started to blur the lines. They imagined animal-headed gods, talking beasts, totem animals, and human-animal hybrids, and also used beasts as symbols for human traits . . . all of which eventually gave rise to "funny animal" cartoons and finally the full-fledged anthropomorphic animals found in modern-day animation, comics, games, and novels. These beings and others like them are commonly labeled furries.

GURPS Furries brings this wonderful world to your game. It provides game-mechanical guidance on creating suitable templates for "furry" characters – from the biologically plausible, through the fanciful, to the cartoonish – and backs that up with a long catalog of examples suited to a wide variety of genres. Beyond the stats, it gives advice on integrating these beings into your campaign in background roles, as a major presence, or as the primary focus.

Because humans could stand to learn a thing or two about being civilized.

Written by William H. Stoddard