GURPS Federation

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The galactic good guys have a book dedicated to them and the United Federation of Planets. With background on the history, politics, and culture, you will have everything you need to play campaigns set during any time period. Want to be part of a budding colony? There is information about the process of colonization.

There is a new template for an experienced Federation Marshal so that players have something to worry about should they break the law. Two armored vehicles are presented with statistics to help you play them with the GURPS vehicles rules you are familiar with.

There are more species: Antareans, Fralli (with their racial skill of Sparking), and Mantorese. And there are detailed surveys of the planets where the best known species in the Federation reside.

Discover more about the Federation military (Star Fleet and Marines), Star Fleet organization, and the Federation Express.

Even more personal weapons are now available, including the Fralli pole-whip.

Read about even more Federation ships including the deck plans for the Federation Burke-class frigate.

Of interest are the story and its sample characters, adventure hooks, and the Donjebruche Trading Post, a perfect spot for roving adventurers to explore.

You will need GURPS Prime Directive volumes 1 and 2 to effectively use this book.

Written by John Sickels