GURPS Dungeon Fantasy Setting: Cold Shard Mountains

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Adventure is everywhere!

From the myriad subterranean tunnels to the strange structures from bygone eras dotting the land to the teeming rocky ranges that give the region its name, the Cold Shard Mountains are synonymous with adventure. GURPS Dungeon Fantasy Setting: Cold Shard Mountains presents a complete ready-to-use setting for GURPS Dungeon Fantasy.

This supplement provides everything you need to bring this land to life: a description of its history spanning six distinct eras, each of which contributed to this land's special flavor; settlements and people that define its current state; an assortment of powerful magic items and dangerous foes unique to this region; detailed maps; and campaign advice to bring it all together.

Find intrigue in underground coleopteran cities, discover the secrets of demonic plots and deadly cults, seek Kerenk's legendary hammer, investigate flying stone structures, ally with the aerial Wise Raptors, and beware the walking trees that can encircle a village in the night. Whether you want to add a new area to your existing world, explore in a sandbox "hex-crawl" setting, or become engrossed in an epic campaign, Cold Shard Mountains has all you need for endless adventures!

Written by Matt Riggsby