GURPS Dungeon Fantasy Monsters 4: Dragons

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Here Be Dragons

Strong contenders for the title "king of the monsters," dragons have been strangely absent from GURPS Dungeon Fantasy . . . until now! Don't ask where they were – what matters is that they're here, they're as dangerous as their reputation suggests, and they're hungry. This bestiary zooms in on the classic winged, reptilian interpretation of these fabled foes, offering details that matter in hack 'n' slash campaigns:

  • Stats! Small dragons are fodder or worthy foes, medium and large ones serve as bosses, and gargantuan wyrms boss the bosses – and optional rules let the GM who likes TPKs go even bigger.
  • Rules for dragon's breath, whether in clouds or in cones, be it acid, cold, fire, lightning, poison, or something more exotic (like slime or pure disintegration).
  • Guidelines for adding special abilities to make your dragons more memorable . . . and more challenging.
  • Advice on using dragons in the game, with an emphasis on making them scary in combat.
  • Four ready-to-use dragons that illustrate how to customize generic monsters into unique encounters your players won't soon forget.

Because sometimes the heroes need to be picked on by something their own size!

Written by Sean Punch