GURPS Dungeon Fantasy 20: Slayers

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Evil Must Die

In GURPS Dungeon Fantasy, all adventurers do their share of slaying . . . killing monsters and taking their stuff is the whole point of delving! When the enemy is a demon, sinister cult leader, or shambling undead horror, the usual strategy is to sic the cleric or holy warrior on them. But sometimes, Evil is just too powerful.

GURPS Dungeon Fantasy 20: Slayers introduces three new professions who punch above their weight against supernaturally capable opponents, giving even groups who are just starting out a fighting chance against such fiends.

  • Demon-Slayers have the power to sniff out demonic foes and exorcise, banish, and slay them. Optional abilities assist with these tasks, whether by providing combat advantages, revealing demons hiding in plain sight, or empowering the slayer to take the fight to Hell!
  • Mage-Slayers can resist and dispel black magic and strike through defensive spells without resorting to magic of their own. Advanced slayers can sense magic-users while remaining undetected themselves, and deprive spell-slinging villains of mana or even their Magery.
  • Undead-Slayers are versed in detecting the undead – even invisible, intangible specters – and laying them to rest . . . permanently. All can aid allies by turning these horrors, and some can force ghosts to become visible or even tangible so their friends can join in the beatdown.

These professions come with complete templates, power-ups, a chapter on monster-slaying gear (including new items), and practical advice for both players and GMs: Everything you need to put Evil in its place!

Written by Sean Punch