GURPS Dungeon Fantasy Denizens: Swashbucklers

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37-page PDF


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Slaying in Style!

This is your in-depth guide to giving your GURPS dungeon delver some finesse and flair! With tons of detail on the swashbuckling professions, GURPS Dungeon Fantasy Denizens: Swashbucklers helps your daring, dashing rogue speak with a sharp tongue, nimbly evade enemy blows, and – of course – dress the part. It even provides variety, with suggestions for crafting unusual swashbucklers. Want to play a portly, middle aged aristocrat with a quick wit and a sharp blade? You've got it. As a bonus, there's details for plenty of gear, 20 perks, 20 swashbuckling feats, a smattering of new skill specialties, handy Allies, and a few other surprises.

Written by Sean Punch